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File Size Description
Opens external link in new windowRepository Download35 MBCurrent development version
Initiates file downloadmost16.022.tgz11 MBOld version of the model suite Most16. This suite contains the models Planet Simulator, PUMA, and SAM, the Graphical User Interface, the Model Starter, the postprocessor Burn7 and all manuals. (Version 16 - Revision 22 - 30-Jul-2012)
plasim_mz_1.pdf0.5MBFraedrich, K., H. Jansen, E. Kirk, U. Luksch, F. Lunkeit, 2005: The Planet Simulator: Towards a user friendly model. - Meteorol. Z. 14, 299-304.
plasim_mz_2.pdf2.9MBFraedrich, K., H. Jansen, E. Kirk, F. Lunkeit, 2005: The Planet Simulator: Green planet and desert world. - Meteorol. Z. 14, 305-314.
PUMA_UsersGuide.pdf0.6MBPUMA User's Guide - Version 16  ( 06-Dec-2010) (also included in most16.tgz)
PS_UsersGuide.pdf0.8MBPlanet Simulator User's Guide - Version 16  ( 06-Dec-2010) (also included in most16.tgz)
PS_ReferenceManual.pdf1.0MBPlanet Simulator Reference Manual - Version 16  (05-May-2011) (also included in most16.tgz)
fluxes_doc_english.pdf28KBFluxes: English description of the program
PS_Climate_Report.pdf14.2MBKerstin Haberkorn, Frank Sielmann, Frank Lunkeit, Edilbert Kirk, Andrea Schneidereit, Klaus Fraedrich, 2009: Planet Simulator Climate, Meteorologisches Institut, Universität Hamburg
Johan_Liakka.pdf2.4MBLiakka, J., 2006: Validation of the dynamical core of the Portable University Model of the Atmosphere (PUMA)


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