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Macao, China

Cost 715 Database

COST action 715 "Meteorology Applied to Urban Air Pollution Problems" compiled an inventory of urban meteorological observing stations. The inventory comprises entries from all countries participating in the action. It also includes stations from outside the network of national weather services.

The purpose of the inventory is

  • to inform the community of urban air pollution modellers about potential sources for urban meteorological data that might be useful for validation purposes, and
  • to enable contacts and a European-wide exchange of know-how between the operators of such stations.

Altogether 16 COST 715-countries plus Macao submitted 393 entries to the database. It appears that the majority of stations that were submitted are urban air quality monitoring stations that provide only a minimum of meteorological information. In other cases the measured meteorological data seem to be effected by local factors and are, therefore, not representative for the site.

To test models that generate, e.g., input data for local scale urban dispersion models from routine synoptic measurements one would like to have stations that provide both, above roof and street canyon meteorological data. Stations that fulfil this demand seem to be very limited. However, such stations do exist, the Database contains a few very good examples.

The information given for each station cannot be very extensive. The user of the Database is recommended to make use of the links which many station descriptions provide. These links lead to local web sites that contain pictures, possibly a more detailed station description and in some cases even online-data.

The Data Sets Inventory

This place shows the stations in each country for which we received data.
To navigate the inventory, click on a country icon (left frame) to get to a list of data sets posted from that country.

Data Sets

The database contains 393 data sets